How to Choose The Best Distance e-Learning or Learning Management Solutions?

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Taking into account  the scale of e-learning market today, there are many distance learning systems, and selecting the right Training management system is not an easy task! Today, a huge number of companies want to train their employees to improve their professionalism and skill set levels, but they are mindful of budgets and objectives.
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So let's get down to the point at which you should pay attention when choosing that one Training Management System:

1. Define objectives that you set for employee training 

What are your main goals and objectives for this? What skills and information do your employees get from the e-learning course? Before you start selecting options for the right Training management platform, you should clearly outline a plan and your expectations. . This allows you to select the most suitable option, depending  on the employees and the learning community within your organisation.

2. Determine your current strategy of training and development

Revise the current strategy for learning and development to one you can modify and use more efficiently. By focusing on the current strategy you can optimise your Training requirements and apply existing teaching materials. Through  a Training system, you can track the status of teaching as well as to develop effective online courses.

3. Get feedback from your employees, are engaged in training

Ask the opinion of your people engaged in training of employees about your current strategy. What are the functions and features they want to see in the new Training system? What tools do they see the most important in your work? Which of these tools seems to be most effective for them? These people will be those who will participate in the training. Therefore, it is important to find out their views and ideas on this issue.

5. Please rate the technical capabilities and limitations

When choosing a Training Management platform you should evaluate the technical possibilities available, because not every system will be fully operational given any restrictions. For example, you want to know how employees will have access to information and whether they will use mobile devices? If yes, then you must choose the LMS which will support mobile platforms.

6. Identify the most important features required for you

Despite the huge variety of functions in any given system, you will need to choose one that will be really useful. This can save on the final cost of the product and service. For example, if you need support for mobile devices then Do you need the gamification function of social learning etc.?

7. Consider the experience of the founders of the System.

When choosing a distance learning system should take into account the experience, skills development. Get a recommendation from their customers, which will allow to know exactly how this platform  is qualitative

8. Do you offer support after acquisition?

Be sure to note the support of the Training Management Platform after purchase. At any arising situation, you can contact the vendor to the claims or modifications-

9. Adaptability and service

As and when the Training management system meets all your requirements and functions,  but always consider your strategy and future use of the system. Will your future requirements be met by this system? Will it be relevant  in a year or two? Will you be able to use the system in the foreseeable future? Do you need to look for new options based on the fact that the system simply out-dated? Can the system be scaled?

10. Require live demonstration or trial version of the Training system.

Do not hesitate to request a trial period before buying the full version of the Training management system. First, you'll be able to "find" all the features and opportunities, and secondly you risk nothing. Currently, the majority of the vendors provide features such as the interest in openness and a long mutually beneficial relationships with their customers. Remember that a Training management system is a long-term investment in the training of your employees. This is something that will ultimately affect the performance of your staff and the development of the company as a whole.

Taking into account all of the above you will save not only save your money but also your precious time. Therefore, when selecting a Training management platform rely on these 10 points and feel free to Contact us if you have any queries that were not answered in this post.


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