Gamification: Merging Fun and Learning in Millennial On-boarding


Each era of employees has its advantages but the technology that happens to be ruling the roost in organizations throughout the world is the millennial. You may have} given your brand-new millennial employees a warm welcome, you also have shown them the coolest caffeine retailers around office. Now you have to have them acquainted with the business’s culture, its regulations, and strategies. Make the millennial sit down in a classroom hearing someone drone on what’s expected from them face to face, and you’re sure to end up with a grumpy labor force.
Millennial have a tendency to like work place fun more than the prior years. Gamification is a technique you can use to set-up impressive millennial on-boarding lessons. Here are the explanations you will need to try Gamification in on-boarding:
  1. Millennial have been raised in the digital age and wish to have fun whilst learning.
  2. They have a brief attention span which means they are looking to use it and instant gratification.
  3. They wish to stay static in control of their learning and rewards and benefits are a must-have.
Gamification of online training programs is one way to add spice to your millennial on-boarding program and here’s how it can benefit.


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